Our trainers make continuing education a priority for the best application of exercise mechanics for each individual considering structural anatomy, external forces on joints, patterns of movement specific to exercise, and internal force generating capabilities of the individual. With this information, we are able to determine the appropriate program with intention and purpose for each exercise incorporated into that plan, allowing successful and efficient achievement of long term and short term goals.     

If you’re looking for a highly skilled, nationally certified personal trainer, Tidal Elite Performance Center can help. Our personal trainers offer the most challenging, results-oriented workouts in the Washington DC area. Whether you seek self-improvement, more energy, less pain, or greater strength and agility, our personal trainers will help you reach your goals.

We tailor an exercise routine to your personal needs that is best suited for your body, implementing systems such as Muscle Activation Techniques and Resistance Training Specialist. We consider your structural anatomy, external forces on joints, patterns of movement specific to exercise, and your internal force generating capabilities. If you’re looking to train in a DC area facility with the highest quality equipment and most knowledgeable trainers, contact us today.


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At Tidal we have established working relationships with local Universities including American University, George Washington University, and Georgetown University.  We offer enrolled students the opportunity to gain field experience that contributes towards credit and graduation requirements for degrees related to Exercise Science and Health Promotion.


I learned about Tidal EPC about a year ago and I was most impressed with their level of expertise and knowledge of exercise science, bio-mechanics and physics, resistance training, and Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). The trainers at this private studio have a deep and superior level of understanding of what exercise programs are appropriate for each individual client based on their health history, possible injuries, and capabilities. Each program acts as a living document that is adjusted and evolved based on the ability of each client to adapt and progress. I have had a long history of lower back pain, which has prevented me from consistently exercising and pushing myself to the next level. I have tried everything in the past included massage therapy, physical therapy, working with chiropractors, muscle relaxers, and stretching but nothing worked. After just a few MAT sessions with J the pain has been alleviated and i am now able to effectively train for an upcoming race without being set back several weeks due to terrible back pain. I can now say that I am pain free and able to reach my fitness goals because of Tidal EPC.
— Farah Tayfour
I have been running my business out of Tidal for the last six years and counting. I enjoy being able to offer my clients access to the top of the line Keiser resistance and Woodway cardio equipment along with an ample array of dumbbells, barbells, and tubing. The facility is kept clean and is conveniently located and I believe my clients enjoy the privacy of being in a personal training studio rather than a large gym.

Additionally, Jay’s offering of continuing education courses has allowed me to enhance my professional knowledge and skills in ways that have translated to better outcomes for my clients. I have also found Jay to be easy to work with since he is pretty hands off as an owner so long as you conduct yourself in a professional manner. If you are an independent trainer, I would certainly recommend bringing your clients to Tidal.
— Andrew Kass, NASM-CPT, CES - Owner ADK Personal Training, LLC