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Trunk & Spine: September 22-23

Lower Extremity October 27-28

Upper Extremity December 1-2

At Tidal Elite Performance Center in DC, our trainers are dedicated to continuous improvement in their profession. Multiple times a year, we offer two continuous education courses open to all personal trainers in the area. Learn more about our classes here and click on the links to register today.


Muscle Activation Techniques Jumpstart Series

Developed by Greg Roskopf, Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is designed to evaluate and correct muscular imbalances that relate to dysfunction. In this class, you will enhance your personal training practice through the following:

• Offer clients a solution that addresses the muscular system’s role in their chronic pain and injury

• Objectively evaluate, identify, and adjust biomechanical and muscular imbalances within the human body

• See how certain forms of exercise may lead to dysfunction and how to correct it


RTS Practical

At Tidal, our training incorporates the RTS principle of the Functional Continuum®. This is essentially an understanding that “every sound exercise fits along a spectrum. Each provides a specific challenge and adaptation/benefit that, when implemented appropriately is vital to a comprehensive exercise program.“ We work closely with trainers so they can more effectively help their clients reach their personal goals and establish long term rewarding relationship   

As a personal trainer, using Tidal EPC as studio is great because they let me run my business how I want to... I am not micro-managed and I have the freedom to use my expertise how I see fit. I can come and go as I please. I also love the Kieser (pneumatic) Machines. J has been a great mentor and has shown me many new training techniques and styles. This ultimately has made me a better trainer. Thanks Tidal EPC
— Ryan Fritz
I have been running my business out of Tidal for the last six years and counting.  I enjoy being able to offer my clients access to the top of the line Keiser resistance and Woodway cardio equipment along with an ample array of dumbbells, barbells, and tubing.  The facility is kept clean and is conveniently located and I believe my clients enjoy the privacy of being in a personal training studio rather than a large gym.

Additionally, Jay’s offering of continuing education courses has allowed me to enhance my professional knowledge and skills in ways that have translated to better outcomes for my clients.  I have also found Jay to be easy to work with since he is pretty hands off as an owner so long as you conduct yourself in a professional manner.  If you are an independent trainer, I would certainly recommend bringing your clients to Tidal.
— Andrew Kass, NASM-CPT, CES - Owner, DK Personal Training, LLC

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